This winter in the Northeast has been ... challenging, to say the least. But through the eyes of my son every time your house is blanketed in snow, Mom and dad are home and exploring the yard is a brand new experience because a fun adventure. It makes looking at the monotonous, repetitive weather a fun new experience. 

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Appalacian Mountain Club

I am currently in the editing process of stills and video I directed for my latest client AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club ), one of the United States' oldest outdoor groups. The club aims to preserve the beauty of mountain forests, waters, historic sites and resorts; to render them attractive to visitors and excursionists (Thanks Wikipeidia).

I am so excited to be working with them on these projects, and can not wait to share more. Stay tuned for more Still and Videos.


Open Road

Growing up in Upstate New York I spent a lot of time driving through the Country Hills and backroads around my home. One road, a twisting, turning, horseshoe shaped farm road that went nowhere in particular, always held my fascination. The apex of the road is a farm, with rolling hills to the left and right. The sky seemed bigger there, the light seemed more intense. 

For nearly 20 years I’ve known of this road and always wanted to come back to use it for a location for a shoot. This week while back in town for a family event, I met the owners and secured permission to shoot there early one morning. Thus spawned "Open Road”.