A setting sun is rising somewhere.

 As the year comes to a close and a new one begins it reminds me of sunsets and sunrises. When you are watching a sunset there is someone who's longitudinal opposite is seeing a sun rise and vise versa. Deep, right?

This year had it's bumps in the road, storm clouds and general PITA moments but with all the year brought, the good far outweighs the bad. For that I will ever be looking for the next sunrise/set.

I hope everyone had a great  New Years!


From Top to bottom, left to right:

Cambodia, Thailand, Yosemite NP California,  Fenway Park Boston MA, Zurich Airport, Upstate NY, The Caribbean Somewhere between Dominican Republic and Curacao, Paris France, Moab Utah, The Caribbean Somewhere between Dominican Republic and Curacao.



24hours: Miami


24 Hours to shoot some personal work before my job last week in Miami. I took full advantage of the Sun, sand, and nightlife South beach offers. The people, architecture, cars, and importantly SUN of South beach provided great photo opportunities throughout the day.  Miami is always fun, never disappoints!

Since it has snowed quite a bit since I have been back home I feel another trip may be in the works very soon. In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed. 

Thanks - D



HERE's to 80 YEARS!


December 5, 1933, prohibition ended in the United States of America.  It has been 80 years now since repeal day. Now there are no shortages of fine cocktails, wine and beer in Boston. Here are some of my favorite places to have a drink: (In no particular order)  J.M Curley's, Smith and Wollensky (at the Castle), Bukowski's,  Drink,  My house, etc etc.. The list could go on. Celebrate in style tonight and raise a glass to the 21st Amendment.

Cheers!  (The valediction, not the bar)

(Disclaimer: The mugshot of Capone, and the advertisement for the Pro-Alcohol movement are not my art work.)

Curacao - Carnival



I recently shot in the Caribbean for Carnival Cruise Lines, with their agency Arnold Worldwide. It was a packed week with several Island countries, a lot of fun, and a ton of images made. One stop was the Island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela.  What a great place, super colorful!  After the shoot wrapped I had a chance to walk around town with the team from Arnold. I was able to shoot this while wandering.  Thanks so much to Deb and Nicole from Arnold, this was a great job.

Snow Day!!

I really love the snow, not just a few inches, I love when it DUMPS and the city comes to a halt. 

People seem to turn back the clock to their childhood and just have fun. People sleigh-riding 

down the hill in the common, to random strangers starting snowball fights a fresh coat of snow 

makes a fresh attitude, if only just for a one night.