Bowling: Gloversville project

My experience in Gloversville lived and died, quite literally, with bowling. My fathers family was so engrossed in bowling well before my time, my father, his father, mother and brother were all in the Fulton County Bowling Hall of Fame. At 15 my father was in contention to be in the Guinness Book of World Record for the youngest person in the world to roll a perfect game, he lost out by 80 days.

I never got this bowling bug, just never got any good. I did spend so much time in bowling allies I just felt this topic deserves its own, If not several, posts.

the machines that stand up and collect the bowling pins
used bowling pins

the office and workshop out back bihind the machines..
this is the bar in Arterial lanes, I always saw it like this, before it opened, with the light streaming in the windows.

shoes...i love the old phone

this guy, rich (i think) has been coming around for years sitting and watching bowling. when i walked in and saw him i felt like a kid again...

lockers, chair and bowling lanes..