Long Time, No Blog

Sorry everyone, I know you've all been waiting intently for my next blog post. Well, I figured since I am back, I am going to come back big. This post is from a recent shoot that I really had so much fun Doing. Mari at "The Loft Salon" on Newbury had an idea of shooting these 3 guys with an Industrial feel for promotion/contest entry.

We shot it all in studio, and I searched for an Industrial look for the backgrounds. Coming home from a shoot one night I saw something happening in and around Chinatown that I thought would be a great theme for the images. I shot around the area for a couple nights and came up with some great backgrounds.

Here is the layout of before images:

After shooting I hit up the "Digital Darkroom" for a day or so and these developed:

Thanks for everyones help on this, I really love the outcome..

Oh and a little plug for them: