Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know about this great web tool that is going to change your life. My website is in a everchanging mode, I am always looking for the next cool thing in web design, and this is it- SQUARESPACE


Although, I dont feel I am totaly sold on this recent Livebooks, cliqbooqs, etc trend (Too many photographers sites are looking too similar) but the ease of use and clean functional feel was calling to me. When I found squarespace it answered all of my website and blogging needs. They povide great starting points from templates (that really should not carry that dangerously evil word of template, because templates indicate you are confinded to a set of paramiters) with Squarespace you are free, it allows you to change and manipulate all aspects of your starting point. So creating a great looking, and functioning site  is not only easy, and fast but you will spend a fraction of the livebooks cost.


Now on to the bad news, they have not yet developed a good soulition for photo galleries. the default gallery options that are presently available are not the prettiest, and possibly a little clunky BUT its not all bad news because with a little coding knowelgde and the popularity and multitude of easy automated galleries available through lightroom and similar programs a customized photo-gallery is not unattainable. 


I give them 2 thumbs up.. Check them out at: