Photography, Compositing and Oil Painting??

Today is a super experimental day.. I saw an image from dark horse (the fine people who brought you hellboy 2) and thought today would be a good day for something way over the top, with a comic book feel to it.. I also use corel painter from time to time, although I haven't used it much lately. I figured now would be a perfect time to dive back in.

First, I chose my subject matter.. Last week while shooting the stormy waters content, kylah and I went to a WW2 ship that is in Boston harbor. The guns and cannons got me thinking about a composite but I wasn't sure what it would be at that moment this was the perfect subject matter for a comic book hero, or is she a villain??

The base images are as follows:
The Guns
Kylah on the Bow of the ship..
a sky image from New Hampshire

Now for the Layering
When I put these together they really didn't give me that intense, comic hero feeling.
I needed to give it an exra boost

So, I brought it into Corel Painter, gave it a strong contrast of light, gave her long blowing hair. and Made the Guns BLAST!!!