In this business, we (photographers) are like DJ's, spinning our tunes, creating our images at the requests of our patrons. Late last year I was approached by a client asking if I could create a Photobooth.

"Photobooth??" was my response

She then went into the need for it, and explained that renting one would cost 1800 bucks for 4 hours..

Ok, so I went to work, creating an automation or something. It ended up all I needed was my canon 5d, the Canon software, and Adobe Lightroom.. The Canon capture software allows the user to fire a series of images in a row with one click of the computer. I set it to take 4 images, one every 3 seconds. Lightoom then auto-imported , auto-rotated , and put the images on the page to print (auto of course). After that, all that was left was to press the button to print.

This whole process didn't just fly out of my head, I took a bunch of testing. Of course I was the only one with the patients to sit around and pose for the "photobooth" 100 times. This left me with a huge pile of photobooth strips.

Whats a photographer to do with them, wallpaper his refrigerator of course...

There are images for other experiment as well on my refridge, but the photobooth images are the majority.

After the party, after all the guests went in and posed thinking they were the only ones to see them make faces and wear funny hats for my camera, I was left with several hundred photobooth strips on my computer. Being the sinister person I am, I then made a book of all the strips for the client who got to see everyone making a fool of themselves.. what fun!!!