Behind the Scenes: Retouching


 Quick post today with a before and after, 

I wanted this image to have a vintage, disco look yet still feel modern. A little modern Diana Ross-y 

I added a film grain look, along with the vintage cross processed look with Nik Color effect 4. Then thought after the fact that I wanted lens flares, if I had added the lens flare after the grain the flare would have no grain and therefore anything beyond would just look fake. 


QUICK TIP: When experimenting with filters I always make my working layer a smart object, you can simply drag and rearrange the filters to affect the image in the proper order. 

Since I was mainly testing these 2 filters not much else was done to the image, a little cleanup and a darker version of the shirt  overlayed to bring back tone. 




Nik Color effects 4  - (which is great!!)


Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop - A very popular plug-in for After Effects, has this little brother for  Photoshop that gives you all sorts of options for going crazy on an image. Very cool but $150 for lens-flares may not be fore everyone

What do you think?? 



(BTW: Thanks Bobby Earle for the idea for this post that I stole  Borrowed.)