Digital Pinhole

That distressed look, out of focus, cross processed image of your cat, or the latte you got at Starbucks is getting a LOT of use these days. Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc. etc., all the IOS apps are really making distressed images come back in a big way. I have to admit I love these images, for me it brings me back to the days of shooting Polaroid and when I had a 110. 

Today I decided I would attempt to make a digital pinhole camera to shoot images from camera looking like these apps do in post. I thought the easiest way would be to find an extra body cap for my Canon 5d Mk2 drill a hole in it, put a piece of black gaff or electrical tape on there and poke a tiny hole in it.. I couldnt find an extra body cap. So I used the next best thing, the base of a non working cheap 2x teleconverter, then set up as I said before, with just a piece of black electrical tape.  If you want to do this go to a camera shop and get a spare body cap, drill a hole in it then apply the electrical tape, it would be much easier than the route I took and only about 5 bucks.. Pretty easy!!

<img src="" title="" alt=""/>

This was pretty fun to shoot with today. I loved the looks I was getting from people on the street. I know they were looking at me like,"Who's this crazy guy think he is shooting without a lens on his camera!!"

Here is my setup (recommended that you wait until the paint is dry before heading out to shoot if you paint on aluminum)


If you do this or have done this share your images!!