Moving Day has been hosted (in part) and registered through I have looked beyond the questionable advertising, the multi step processes that you need to go through to register ONE domain, and I ALSO looked past the poor customer service when I transferred to the company ( the tech actually told me not to forward my email to gmail because its just more work for him!!)

Now Bob Parsons CEO of Godaddy posts a video about his latest trip to Africa to help rid a village of a "problem elephant" by shooting it is the point where my domain registration must go elsewhere. Is this because I am a PETA member who hates all hunting, leather and fur wearing people, NO. Do I think he did a disservice to this village, that potentially had legitimate issues, Not really. What he did for them was 2 fold, they got food from it and saved a crops from being continually damaged, I get his point. 

 I believe he may have gone to far in this instance creating and posting this video. A man of his wealth and means has more the ample resources to provided alternate means of food, and relief to this village that do not include shooting a animal that is listed as threatened by the IUCN. I believe this was done for his own personal "Look at how great I am" mentality and it was not the humanitarian effort as he described. This is only confirmed in my mind by the soundtrack choice, "Hells Bells" by ACDC. If this were really done for the pure humanity of if it I am sure Hells Bells would have not been the first choice of soundtrack. 

I am now leaving godaddy because I feel the company is more flash and hype than actual substance.


The video and comments for Bob Parsons can be found here (Warning Graffic)